Welcome to the Pilsen Truck Day website

A few words about the beginnings of this event

Pilsen Truck Day (PTD) was established at the turn of 2016 and 2017 under the leadership of our main organizer – Petr Soukup. He had a vision of making a unique meeting of shiny trucks in West Czech Republic. And because trucks are not light on the roads, and many times are insulted by drivers, we want to show that truck drivers are also people with hearts in the right place. Thus, the campaign slogan: „Trukers helps with the heart.“

Over time, more enthusiasts joined the Petr team to create the hard core of the band organizing this event. The preparations and organization of the first edition took up a total of about 10 people. For more information, see PTD2017.

II. year – 2018

The second year was bigger, nicer, richer in the program, but also more difficult. In total, 153 trucks arrived and more than 1,100 guests arrived. For more information, see PTD2018.

After the second year of the PTD, Petr Soukup decided to leave the implementation team and the current team members Vladimir Zwicker and Jan Beneš took his place.

III. year – 2019

In 2019, you can expect the next edition of PTD. For more information, see PTD2019.